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Since its launch in 2014, Flying Bodies has focused on programs around parkour, contemporary dance, circus, theater and extreme sports. We work in 3 main areas:

  • Community building, organizing festivals

  • Organizing creative workshops based on innovative artistic thinking

  • Producing and distributing artworks, bringing different creative projects to life

In summary, our goal is to unite different subcultures in one cultural experience.


Workshops and education

At our events over the past 6 years, we have invited professional and amateur participants to workshops where we approached movement from a creative, developmental and experience-focused perspective, using the tools of parkour, contemporary dance, extreme sports, theater and circus. From a performing arts perspective, we strive to enable Hungarian and international artists and athletes to expand their own opportunities, thus developing their creative skills and performance. Also we want to create complex cultural products that enrich their values through personal experiences, thus contributing to the development of Hungarian culture.

Events and community building

Due to our genre diversity, the visitors of our events come from different social strata. As a production platform, we have created several innovative,   multidisciplinary performances, primarily for the deepening of the artistic experience. They can also been interpreted easily by spectators who are not at home in the performing arts. From the very beginning, our priority has been direct communication, the organization of community development programs, concerts and parties with the aim of gathering a community that supports its members is essential for us.

Cultural innovation

Part of our philosophy is to question, reinterpret, and tailor our programs to the needs of our visitors. The blending of different performing arts genres, for example using parkour as an artistic interpretation of extreme sports, also serves this purpose. We run many creative projects in addition to organizing events and creating performances, all of which acts as structural innovation for the underground cultural scene.



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