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The Flying Bodies Team has been organizing workshops and festivals since its establishment in 2014, produces and hosts performances in parkour, contemporary dance, urban dance, theater, music, graffiti and circus. This year, June 24-27 at the Artus Contemporary Art Studio, Flying Bodies - You are the Festival will be running like a speed-train. The 4-day festival goes as:

the first 2 days of trainings and creative workshops, then a complex festival program are 

waiting for you, with performances, parties, a market and a bunch of off program. Come on, you

you are the Festival!

The festival is governed by the current epidemiological emergency regulations, organized with this in mind.


schedule_CSUT_PENT (1).png
schedule_szombat (1).png


At the festival, we strive for genre diversity. The performances presented at our events have a high artistic value, also they are easy to take in by spectators who is not at home in the field of performing arts. #connecttoit



As you have become accustomed to at our events so far, in addition to our artistic endeavors, we always place great emphasis on creating an opportunity to let off steam. The industrial style of the Artus Art Studio flies us all the way to Berlin, at the end of the last two days we set up an urban tribe and provide an electronic footstool for everyone who loves it. #switchon



An extreme sport in the city, parkour with its acrobatic and choreographed movements can easily connect to the performing arts, theater or dance in the broadest sense. And because the street is its natural medium, viewers naturally become part of the performance, even as actors. You are the Flow is a multidisciplinary and participatory presentation, which was presented at the Boráros Skatepark. 

Regardless of your qualifications, we are waiting for your application for a 4-day creative workshop led by Márton Csuzi and Jenna Jalonen (Collective Dope), where you will be prepared to take part in the performance You are the Flow on the last day of the festival. #getinvolved



We want you to try your hand at the styles you can encounter in the form of performances at the festival. House, parkour, contemporary dance workshops could be attended regardless of background and experience, we recommend it to both first timers and advanced!   #joinin



In addition to the traditional theatrical performances we would also like to show you short acts and performances that take place in parallel in different spaces of Artus. #disconnect



Sustainable fashion, tattoos, handmade portraits of performers, collages and other creations. Donation-based (or not), exchange (no). Support your neighbor! #reconnect



If you want to relax a bit, play soccer, graffiti, or do a round on everyone’s PS in the chill zone, accompanied by a cold beer bought at the buffet. Light adrenaline 15/10.


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