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Performing arts are examined with a wide-angle lens. We involve dance, circus, extreme sports, with which we offer a complex cultural experience in the form of participatory happenings and community performances. 

An extreme sport in the city, parkour with its acrobatic and choreographed movements can easily connect to the performing arts, theater or dance in the broadest sense. And because the street is its natural medium, viewers naturally become part of the performance, even as actors. You are the Flow is a multidisciplinary and participatory performance and jam that addresses extreme athletes and contemporary art audiences alike, with the undisguised goal of moving both groups out of their comfort zone.

The performance is intended to evoke the so-called  flow experience with the tools of the contemporary dance art and its community structure, this naturally generated state builds heavily on audience participation, eventually turning into a spontaneous party and a common jam.

The premiere of You are the flow took place on October 17, 2020 at the skateboard in Boráros Square, Budapest. The production is part of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival. The production was a joint program of the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center, Flying Bodies and Collective Dope.

Performers: Balázs Fügedi, Judit Horváth, Luca Kancsó, Mátyás Kántor, Bálint Kis, Zoltán Pataki, László Takács, Alex Tillinger, Jenevein Till, Réka Oberfrank, Csaba Varga

Creators, choreographers: Márton Csuzi, Jenna Jalonen

Music contributors: Márton Csuzi, Jeromos Kovács, Ákos Petróczki

Production Assistant: Lili Melania Kárpáti

Video: János Szabó

Photographer: Szőke-Ballán Emőke

Sponsors, partners: CAFe Budapest Festival of Contemporary Art, National Cultural Fund, NKA Imre Zoltán Program, Hall of Parkour Hungary, Budapest Capital IX. district, Ferencváros municipality, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Duda Éva Társulat, Műhely Alapítvány


Who do I want to be? All. Can't? Then I'd rather be nothing. No, I just quoted. From Gege. From a literature teacher rapper. I wish I was once big enough to quote myself. That's a quote, too. From Moki. But then I'll be someone. It doesn't matter who. If it doesn't matter, it's good the way it is. In fact, it is the best. I actually love being such a little fern. Just watching the world as a movie movies from the shelf. Sometimes it would be good to be a mushroom, for example. Do magic. But I usually get along with being green. And it smells good. No need for flowers. Then I close with a quote: I give of myself, I give of myself. Quimby. If I were better it would be worse.

Márton Csuzi and Réka Rácz are looking for the root of personality and character. Are they who they want to be? If not why not? Can they accept who they are? With their flaws, weaknesses. They are looking for answers to all this. The other is a mirror, a ruler: a point of reference for them. They need each other to be themselves. They communicate in the language of dance and circus, physicality gives them space, and they find a solution in it as well.

Creators, performers: Márton Csuzi Réka Rácz

Music editor: Márton Csuzi

Light: Kovács Gerzson Péter

Mentor: Gábor Goda

Text: Sára Gergely aka Gege - Interpretation of lyrics of his song called "Végletek"

Sponsors: NKA Imre Zoltán Program, Inspirál Circus Center, Artus Contemporary Art Studio, Flying Bodies 

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