Flying Bodies is a multi dimensional series of events, organized around 3 topics: movement, art, experience.



During an intensive week summertime, our festivals gather the coolest people who love movement, street and underground art forms, the music of today and tomorrow, who believe in creativity and imagination, who are open for real intense experience of artistic expression. The Flying Bodies Festival brings innovative ideas into education, produces platform to young emerging artists to introduce their progressive artworks, offers high quality entertainment, gives space to meet, to inspire, to make move each other. 

The programs of the Festival includes:

  • courses for all levels in dance, circus, parkour, acrobatics

  • contemporary dance performances, circus shows

  • concerts and parties with artists of the most progressive electronic and acoustic music

  • interactive street-art and photo exhibitions

  • parkour and contemporary dance jams

  • off programs such as seminars and round table talks

  • side activities such as rock climbing and high diving

This is all about making our bodies and minds move and fly. Experience above all!



Our highly technical Education program is consisted by 2 different projects. 

  • Flying Europe Project

This is a long term methodological research of knowledge transfer in the field of dance, acrobatics, circus, parkour, movement in general. Traveling to a different city each time in Europe, 2 instructors of the original Flying Bodies team meets to local experts. Those experts are all performing on an outstanding level of their own field. By personalized interviews, yet targeting general topics, we investigate their individual strategies of practice, way of thinking, everyday life. Then we analyze their answers and develop unique methods to produce opportunity for the participants of our courses, to make comparison between the experts and their strategies, revealing the causes of differences between the qualities they reach. In long term, we hope that inquiring many genuinely different strategies of experts, we will find essential factors which are present in each of their methods. As a result we expect to see overall patterns, and to be able to match those patterns to individual goals and intentions of practitioners, so we can suggest more and more effective methods to them, to reach their dream. Keywords of this research is comparison, personalization, target oriented strategies. 

  • Flying Bodies Master courses

Organizing 4 days long professional master courses in Budapest, twice every year is the other half of our education project. Inviting already existing, proved or to be proven methods and ways of practice is an important part of knowledge transfer. There are many different aspects of training our skills, and there are many different methods for each aspect. By our master courses, we plan to build up a fresh map of the most innovative, progressive concepts, developed by well recognized  instructors of movement. We combine knowledge from the field of artistic education, sports, kinetic sciences, psychology. We introduce the concepts of these special systems as comprehensively as it's possible. Helping professionals to find answers to their questions of how to reach the next level. 


The newest part of Flying Bodies, is an endeavor to develop new ways to express artistic intentions combining different disciplines, building new channels towards the audience. The most essential concept of this research is connecting artistic expression to gut-level experience for both the artist and the audience. The research will mainly take place in Brussels, in cooperation with Espace Catastrophe circus center, where time to time, we focus on the artistic potentials of motion, experience oriented interaction. Participants can be part of a progressive, inspiring atmosphere, where dance, circus, parkour, theatre meets, with the leadership of performers, choreographers, theorists. Creativity, imagination, innovation are the main keywords of this project. 

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