Since 2014 Flying Bodies is an organisation focusing on making parkour, contemporary dance, circus, theater and extreme sports themed programmes happen. Our bullet points are the following

●      Community development and festival organizing 

●      Innovative, thought provoker projects

●      Professional and amateur training in different, movement-based aspects

To sum up, our main goal is to unite different subcultures in one unique cultural experience since.


Workshops and education

We have invited professional and amateur participants to our events for the last 6 years. During these workshops we were approaching movement from a creative, innovative and experience-centered side with the help of parkour, contemporary dance, theatre and circus. From a professional side we are aiming to help performers broaden their horizons so they can improve their own artistic voices. For the public, we would like to give such a complex cultural experience that they can enrich their values which contributes to the community’s  cultural improvement.  


Performances and community work

Our variegation causes a very wide range of audience. The presented shows during our festivals are always representing a high quality but at the same time we try to show pieces which can be easily digestible for those who are watching contemporary art for the first time. With this approach, we would like to build a bridge towards new, potential audiences. Since the start of our project we prioritize informal communication, and besides the main programmes we try to organize side activities such as community building games, concerts and parties. We believe in building a strong community.  


Artistic innovation

As a part of our philosophy we always question, rethink and reform our programmes. A good example for this is that we look at parkour as a possible mix of extreme sport (which it is, actually) and an art form.

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