Registration process

For our courses:

If you want to book a spot for our courses, you need to choose the ticket you want (explorer or advancedand completing the registration form                              , you need to transfer the amount of the whole fee to our bank account. After completion of the application form, you will see instructions how to proceed with payment. After receiving your fee, your spot will be reserved for you till the end of the Festival. Please note that there's no refund if you can't attend to the Festival, unless you find someone taking your place. 

The early bird price, till the 17th of July is 250€

After the 17th of July, the normal price is 270€

Both include all classes and activities, shows and parties and one meal (lunch) a day. 

For our shows and parties

You can buy tickets separately for each show, concert, party after the 25th of June. You just need to click on the one you want to join to here, and click on the buy ticket button.


For our free activities

There's no need of registration to stay on the site of the Festival, and if you are there, you will find many opportunities to feel the vibe of this crazy cool event. Pop up on the spot any time, you will be warmly welcome by the organizers and the participants also.  

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