What kind of strategies we follow to reach the level of expertise?

How outstanding performers think and practice?

What do they do differently?

What can we learn from understanding those differences?

Through 2 days long seminars, we provide you an opportunity to gain insight into the unique strategies of expert movers. You can test your own way of thinking and practicing compared to professionals approach. You can learn what aspects you can change in your practice to reach the next level. 

How do we do it?

Instructors of Flying Bodies Team and guests from the hosting city will give classes and lectures. We ask them specified questions targeting the field of their exceptional skills. What and how do they practice, how do they motivate themselves, how do  they cope with challenges. We analyze their answers and develop corresponding exercises. We design the structure of the classes to create a practice enviroment based on the answers they gave. During doing exercises and solving tasks you can learn about different types of motivation, cognitive control and physical preparation. 

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