19 - 20 May, 2018

During this course, you can learn how exceptional movers approach to the following topics:

  • Economics of energy 

  • Taking risks during practice

  • Coping with fear and stress

  • Understanding and feeling rythm

  • Following and using momentum

  • Catching and keeping the flow


Jonas Garrido Verwerft

Jenna Jalonen

Tony Thich

Marton Csuzi

What can you learn from them?

Jonas - Floorwork, Rythm, Momentum and Flow

Cirque la putyka, Collective Dope

Jonas is a real all around mover. In his youth he learnt Breaking, Gymnastics and Tricking. Later he studied movement science and got involved in other forms of Urban dance styles. He is a top B-boy and House dancer recently. Lately he started to work with contact dance and partnering, and performs in contemporary dance and circus shows. 

Watching Jonas moving, we have the impression that he is very efficient in following momentum and generating force for the next movement from it. He is doing it flawlessly even in tight spaces without feeling restricted or obstructed. 

 - How does he achieve that mental state in which he can use physical forces with great efficiency?

Jonas is a great tricker who throws tricks spontaneously and with ease. He makes smooth and organic transitions between dance and acrobatics. 

- How does he practice to follow the flow so instinctively and organically?

As a skilled House dancer it feels that he doesn't only understand, but feel the rythm somehow naturally. 

- Does he have any particular way to practice relative timing of movements? 

He uses the ground and the floor as it would be soft. He falls to the ground and regenerates energy from the impact to literally erupt from it again.

- What techniques he uses to be able to cope with hard surfaces?

During Flying Bodies Brussels, he will answer questions like these and he designs his class and exercises by the answers he gives. 

You can learn about his strategies in practice and you can get the answers verbally as well.

Jenna- Rythm, Quality, Energy,

Collective Dope, Supported by Ultima Vez

After studying Ballet and Gymnastics, Jenna changed her field to Contemporary dance. During her professional career, she never stopped expanding her capacities to move and perform. She learnt to master Acrobatics, Aerials, Partnering, Circus techniques and Martial arts. Recently she is inspired in Urban and Street dance especially in House dance. 

Everyone who knows Jenna believes that her abilities to master any movement discipline is limitless in other words she can learn anything in short time. Furthermore she performs very different skills always with the appropriate qualities, meaning she can adapt to many different styles easily.

- What does she do to become sensitive to new and very different forms of movement? 

We can see her in a piece called DOPE 'I just wish to help you' by Collective Dope, in which she falls to the floor hundred times and stands hundred times without a scratch. Those are neither "dance falls" nor spectacular "stunt falls", but real uncontrolled drops even from high jumps. Watching it makes us feel she is totally out of control and she breaks every single bone in her body, yet she moves on and on without the sign of any injury.

- How does she develop reflexes and prepares her body to save herself even in such realistic movement situations?

Whenever Jenna tries something new and occasionally fails her performance become even better and better. Failure seems enhancing her motivation instead of degrading it. She gains more and more energy to try again and again. 

- How  does she transform practice after a failure to stay motivated, positive and full of creative energy?

Jenna is a great improviser and even in the first phases of achieving a new skill she already apply it spontaneously and organically in improvisation. For example when she started to learn House dancing even after the first lessons she started to use complex rythmical patterns in improvisation with good quality.

- How does she think and practice to stay spontaneous, creative and extremely efficient in the same time?

You can learn a lot from Jenna about instinctive approach to movement by practicing with her and listening her answers.

Tony- Energy, Challenges, Focus, Strength,

Art Du Déplacement Academy, Yann Lheureux Company, Flying Bodies

Tony studied Martial arts and Acrobatics in his youth which later gave him the opportunity to become a professional stuntman. Later he joined to the Yamakasi group and started to study Art Du Déplacement (origin of Parkour and Free running) at ADD Academy. After reaching an outstanding level he started to teach ADD at the Academy and outside of it as well. He studied acting and performing arts and recently he plays roles in theatrical pieces, performs in dance shows and plays in movies both as an actor and stuntman. 

Tony performs risky movements and actions with ease and lightness. He always goes into risky situations wih full energy even if he is only at the begining of attaining the skill. He is very good in focusing his energies to the right thing, to the right action.

- What kind of practice  leads him to this state where he can go into actions with full energy even if the outcome is not certain?

He loves mental and physical challenges and even if it seems a superhuman performance he goes till he reaches his goal. Somehow he always regain energy from nowhere and facing challenges with courage.

- How does he regain energy to continue physically and also mentally challenging movements?

His concetrations allows him to be able to execute movements with high precision. He can jump through very tight gaps between bars or can execute complex acrobatic movements starting and finishing them on narrow surfaces.

- How does he build up such a level of concentration, is there any exercise he does to reach the maximum of his potentials?

Tony is a real master of movement and skills, the best way to learn from him is listening him and doing what he does.

Marton- Quality, Strategies, Energy, States of mind

Eva Duda Dance Company, Flying Bodies

Marton started with doing water sports in his youth. Later he decided to come to dry land and studied Contemporary dance and Martial arts. After graduation he started to work with professional dance companies and choreographers. During his professional carreer he got involved in other disciplines such as Art Du Déplacement and Acrobatics. He is constantly improving his qualities and broadening his potentials to move. Since 2014 he organizes Flying Bodies Workshops and events. 

When Marton moves it's filled with elegance and softness. He keeps this soft and elegant quality even during Acrobatic or dynamically strong movements.

- What exercises he does to become soft and light yet stay resilient and strong?

Marton has an analytical approach towards problem solving. He never stops trying and experimenting till he finds the most essential part of the skill which he needs to work on. Then he uses creatively dveloped irregular exercises to transform his counscious efforts into instinctive behaviour.

- How does he link consciously planned exercises with natural movement and reflexes?

Marton can really show ways to outperform yourself, even if it seems you reached your burdens. He is really experienced in finding individual solutions and methods.

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Rue de la Glacière 18, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

The courses will take place in a professional studio, at Espace Catastrophe.

Indoor classes will be held in their Salle SA, outdoor classes will be held nearby. The group will leave for the outdoor class, together from the studio. Bags, clothes, personal staff can be left in the studio, it will be closed and guarded for the time of the outdoor class.

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