In 2015 a few changes - mainly improvements - were made. The whole workshop got longer and we added new classes, new disciplines. The amount of the participants also increased (we had almost the double of first year's).

We had the basic classes such as 'Art Du Déplacement' (parkour) and 'Skillwork' based on contemporary dance techniques. We also had the creative 'Flying Bodies' classes. We changed a lot in the structure of these classes so the improvisation part got more structured and connected with the fixed materials what we found very effective as a way of practice. 

We felt important to bring two techniques in which can help to improve the coordination of flying so we decided to try 'Trampoline' and 'High Diving' classes. During 'Trampoline' we learned how to move in the air and how adapt to the rhythm of the trampoline. By practicing high diving we were playing with different turns and improving orientation while turning on different, sometimes mutiple axis'. Besides they were extremely useful it really was fun to do them.

Another new type of practice came into the course. The 'Free Circus' where we put many different circus tools into the space and we invited the 'Flyers' to experiment with them with the help of professional circus artists. It was a free play with the opportunity to discover new dimensions of movement and manipulation of things.  

The so called off-programs (the jams, concerts, fun together) stayed as a very important part of the method but compared to the first year's they were much more fun to have. 

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