This is a creative research of the followingcompositional concepts:

  • Alternative ways to use the surrounding space, and the objects in it. experimenting with overcoming obstacles, using them to open new dimensions of movement.

  • Creating illusions by moving with a certain quality, adding a certain texture to the action. Looking for possibilities to trick the perception and sensation of the audience.

  • Exploring and enhancing emotional and mental states while moving, playing with them and create channels to transmit those states to the external observers.

The main disciplines we use in the research are contemporary dance, parkour, house dance and acrobatics.

The Ultimate Goal of this class, is to find ways to reach the flow state, approaching from different sides, and to transmit this state to the audience. Throughout the whole week, we create a composition with the listed concepts and with the help of a great musician, Ábris Gryllus. On the closing day, it will be performed in front of public.


This composition is to be developed on during the next year and in August, 2020 it is going to be presented on Sziget Festival, Budapest with a core group of selected performers.



This class is about investigating the opportunities in using dance to facilitate understanding and achieving acobatic skills and using acrobatics in dance to add new dimensions to it. Beyond traditional acrobatic training, this class concentrates on the deconstruction of schemas and it seeks for the creative application of acrobatic ideas. Clotaire helps to find fluidity, softness and lightness in dynamic movement.

The class gives the opportunity to create unique and vey personal pathes during practice. It is flying on all levels and in all directions while turning, spiraling, twisting, flipping and rolling.


This class is about using the elements of the surrounding space to bring movements into another dimension. You can learn how the obstacles and objects around you can help to reach a higher level adaptability, in order to introduce new levels and dimensions. 


While flying, falling, being in the air, different rules play role in controling movement. By expanding the time we can spent in the air next to natural circumstances (flying is not natural for humans), we have the opportunity to learn about decceleration and acceleration, understand the physics of falling, get familiar with unsupportive enviroment (plain air), and learning how to make yourself confortable with the time you have to prepare landing. In a stisfyingly safe enviroment. Working in the air with alternative qualities and different dynamics, transforming positions into each other while falling stimulates the brain in a way that it starts to rewire the pathways


Exploration of continuous and infinite moving. How to travel through different movement qualities from standing upper level all the way gradually to the floor within one trip. Waving, bouncing and floating into a very concentrated and relaxed state of mind. Without stopping after each exercise and re-entering
for a next one, we try to continuously stay in physical exploring mode with our body and understand how this affects the movement itself. We will work on set movement patterns inspired by house dance, footwork, acrobatic elements and break dance combining them with improvisational qualities of isolation, liquidity, release and your own personal style and flow. The keywords: flow, trip, rhythm.

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