Throughout several mini festivals in 2020, we create an interactive, multidisciplinary show combining dance, parkour and circus. It is going to be premiered at Sziget Festival in August 2020. Until then we plan to organize 5-6 short mini festivals, which consist of a four days long research, lead by 2 instructors of Flying Bodies, master classes of dance, acrobatics, parkour, open jam sessions, shows and work in progress showings of emerging artists and students from professional education, off programs and parties

The first mini- festival will happen between the 9th and 12th of January, 2020. This session also serves as an audition for professionals, who will become the core team of the production. We welcome newcomers and experienced artists, dancers, traceurs, acrobats. 

Scroll down for more infos about the research and the master classes, registration and tickets for the shows!!

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