We strongly believe that the end of this event, will be the beginning of new directions. This is a reverse festival which starts with the last day, and ends with the first.


Next to our educational and artistic programs, on the site of the festival we offer free activities, such as:

  • short pop- up performances in the common spaces

  • circus play-field, where you can try different circus tools with the help of professionals called free circus in the schedule

  • opportunity for free bouldering on a crazy dope Boulder Ball

  • Open Studios - peep into the classes or the rehearsals of the newest creation of Collective Dope

  • Parkour show from Spenc team

  • Open Skills Competition (Parkour, Acrobatics)

  • A multidisciplinary performance, created during the week of the festival, aligned with the exceptional music of Ábris Gryllus

  • Open Parkour track with exciting opportunities

  • Nice lounge music at the bar

  • Street food from a cool foodtruck

These are the Site Programs, and happening to be on the site is free of charge. So please feel welcome to visit us on the spot, and share the spirit with us for a time. Our aim is to gather and connect people of the coolest and build bridges between subcultures, so we are very happy to see anyone who finds even a small drop of interest towards our passion.

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