Csaba Molnár/ Emese Cuhorka: MASTERPIECE

Shifting postcards from the continuous rush of restlessness.The body’s functions slip between concrete and abstract meaning and are transformed into choreography. Borrowing inspiration from the Bauhaus theatre. This piece explores ways for the body to shed cultural inscriptions and symbols which have been projected into it over the course of time. Employing objects as costumes that impede movement and give it a mechanical tinge, the body is required to reforge its autonomy in a flurry of functional obstructions.

The body as a masterwork contains the recollection of practice and is the terrain for

recalling at the same time. It defines the self and all of it’s possibilities. Modifying the body is a way to manipulate the surroundings and to summon the freedom to redefine.

Julien Gros – Compagnie Havin’ Fun

Julien is exceptional Hip- Hop dancer, doing particularly Break dance. He is a self- taught dancer and acrobat, practicing this art form for 20 years. His passion towards movement and his wish to discover new dimensions, started to study Chinese pole, and brought the so- called Compagnie Havin’ fun to life. He is also working as a freelancer artist, among others with Naïf Production and Ayaghma Company. He is an outstanding performer and an emerging choreographer, bridging the worlds of Circus and Dance. He brings a solo work of him, called L’aisance des petites choses, to the Flying Bodies Festival, in which he uses a Chinese pole and break dancing as major tools to express his artistic ideas.

L’aisance des petites choses

In the show, Julien moves between the two extremes of directions: the horizontality of dance and the verticality of the Chinese pole. This mechanical opposition represents nicely a similar opposition on the spiritual level. Julien gets on a roller coaster of emotions, which makes him get into a heightened mental state in which he risks his own physical wellbeing in each moment. He copes with intense challenges in order to put his mind in order, and to build bridge between a dualistic personality of the character. It is a cathartic experience, in which the audience gets free of internal restraints together with the performer as he acts on bigger and bigger stakes.


  1. dope [dƏƱp] (origin: Dutch) doopen: to dip, mix; doop: sauce; dope: thick liquid)

Collective Dope funded by Jenna Jalonen (FI) and Nóra Horváth (H), which is a performing arts collective who is inviting artists from different artforms and nationalities to collaborate in their artistic work.

   2. Any narcotic or narcotic-like drug taken to induce euphoria or satisfy addiction.

Jenna and Nóra sharing similar early history in gymnastics, but different dance educational background; they have found similarity again in their interests in researching new ways of moving and performing. Playig with raw physicalities, entering a specific state of relaxed/released „deadbody”, and using urban and social danceforms as inspirational tools.

   3. Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs named by Walt Disney in Snow White tale, the slow and foolish one; stupid person.

Female - male artists, childlike curiosity – suicidal experimenting, social media – social network – social dance, relationship forms and goals, cultural education, our own generation, drug use – drug abuse, western pop phenomenas, active – passive state of existing… and other stuff we wonder about.

   4. Slang word for cool, very good, lit.

Collective Dope communicates with an artistic approach which is easily accessable and inviting younger audiences to explore theatre and create new communities. Their performances are adaptable to sitespecific and urban spaces. Currently organising an international concept battle and dance event between contemporary and urban dance styles in Hungary.

   5. An absorbent material used to absorb and hold a liquid, as in the manufacture of dynamite.

The Creations

DOPE ’I just wish to help you’ a duet with Jenna Jalonen and Nóra Horváth about helping – refusal, brutal falling – lifting up.

Beat and BEAT ’I just wish to feel you’ two duets with Nóra Horváth – Gábor Ivanov about our society’s relationship forms using elements from folkdance, social dances and urban dance styles. Jenna Jalonen – Jonas Garrido Verwerft about communication trough touch and deadbody partnering.

JOKE ’I just wish to laugh at you’ hahaha! What are you laughing at in 2020… ?


The two performers represents new patterns of relationships in today’s society through the formality of dance, using various styles on their way to meet one another. These situations are often comic, absurd and are weighed down by many external difficulties, just as in real life for the young generation.

In the various attempts to connect during the performance, humor and irony serve as a tool to reflect on the rhythmical  and personal differences between the two dancers. The wide range of dance languages displayed, represent a specific era in the past and present such as folk dance, disco, techno, twerk, hip-hop and even styles that represent more narrow groups, such as hardcore dance.

These different elements are paired with a musical score composited with the help of Áron Porteleki.


The piece won the Rudolf Laban-prize in 2019.


Dancers and creators: Nóra Horváth, Gábor Ivanov

Music composition: Áron Porteleki

Light design: Mátyás Major

Mentor: Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

Consultant: Máte Mészáros

Concept: Nóra Horváth

Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, SÍN Arts and Culture Center, Mu Theater, Workshop Foundation, Life Long Burning


The performance is supported by Zoltán Imre Program - National Cultural Fund of Hungary

The performance is supported by European Union Culture Program.

Willany Leó Improvisational Dance Theatre

Zoltán Grecsó’s improvisational dance theater called Willany Leó has been existing since 2008, happening every wednesday for more then 10 years. These events is a special case; space for creativity and theater at the same time. This year Willany Leó Improvisational Dance Theatre has received the special trophy of Rudolf Laban Award. During the performances is processing different topics with the use of different disciplines: dance, music and improvisation.

Their next shows will be performed in Flying Bodies Festival 2019, focusing on the present thoughts and intentions of the performing artists.

Come, let’s switch of the business of the weekdays with the use of creative energy!



-Réka Rácz

-Levente Lukács

-Júlia Gaál

-Zsófia Temesvári

-Rebeka Petra Kiss


Artistic leader:

-Zoltán Grecsó



Company Panama Pictures

Panama Pictures makes thematically layered performances on the cutting edge of dance and circus for a broad and varied audience. The company actively works to increase support for dance and circus and provides an important stimulus to the artistic development of both disciplines.In addition to full-length touring performances, Panama Pictures produces short works that play on diverse locations outside the theatre.

In their commitment to talent development and education, the teachers and performers of Panama Pictures regularly give master classes and workshops to both amateurs and (semi) professionals. The company also accompanies young makers in the development of their own work and offers them a platform for presentations.

Panama Pictures is the resident company of the Verkadefabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. From a solid local base, Panama Pictures works to increase its national and international reach and visibility. The company is dedicated to sustainable partnerships with its venues and co-producers and the bond with its audience.

Panama Pictures operates from a small organization. Pia Meuthen (artistic director) and Mieke Lamar (business director) manage the company. They jointly develop the policy and are the face of Panama Pictures. The education coordination is in the hands of Lysanne van Esch and Lisa Dammiaans. Renske Versteeg is responsible for the financial administration.

On the floor, production manager Joost van Pagée and head technique Bart Verzellenberg are indispensable.

Acquisition and sale of the performances national and international is done by Mieke Lamar. Panama Pictures also has an artistic team consisting of professionals from different disciplines: composers Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk, dramaturge Angelique Willkie, assistant choreographer and trainer Miquel de Jong, costume designer Sanne Reichert and scenographer Sammy van den Heuvel, light designer Bart Verzellenberg.


Stripped is an intimate portrait of a man who tries to find out who he is in essence. In dialogue with himself and the audience, he looks back on his life and reveals layer by layer a new side of his character. The aerial straps serve as an extension of his body, as a restriction of his freedom of movement, but also as a step to another reality.


Aerial strap artist Tarek Rammo was central to the artistic process. His personality, background and relationship with his discipline were the starting point of this creation.


Dance / acrobatics Tarek Rammo
Choreography Pia Meuthen
Assistant/ training Miquel de Jong

Dramaturgy Angelique Willkie

Music Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Strijbos & van Rijswijk

Light design Dominique Pollet

Costume Sanne Reichert



A Sense of Perspective
(free program - Thursday 15.08.)

For several minutes he hangs on one arm, circling, almost floating, he seems to overcome gravity. He stretches towards the ground and softly lands on the shoulders of his opponent.

A Sense of Perspective is a duet of aerial strap artist Tarek Rammo and dancer Francesco Barba.


An encounter between ground and air that resembles a memory, sometimes fleeting at other times intense. The use of the aerial straps makes the experience of time almost tangible. A smooth time that accelerates and slows down the movements and draws you into the story of these two men looking back on their friendship.


Choreography: Pia Meuthen

Dance / acrobatics: Francesco Barba, Tarek Rammo Music: Strijbos & van Rijswijk, Jeske de Blauw Costumes: Sanne Reichert

Light design: Bart Verzellenberg

Eva Duda Dance Company


The Company developed into an independent ensemble during the season of 2009 / 2010 based on the initiative of the choreographer, who became well-known and reputed as a creative artist working both independently and in various theatrical genres, choreographing great stage performances as well as smaller progressive dance pieces.Over the past three years, her team has become one of Hungary’s most dynamically developing dance collectives and created its remarkably distinct image. Also functioning as a creative community, the company is frequently invited to national and international events and festivals.



Fights between the individual and her community are endless. Depicting how exposed we are, how we can lose our humanity might lull us to sleep, but it might wake us up to the brutal reality of everyday battles. Strong, raw movements, sudden and unexpected changes between scenes, which intentionally bring us out of our comfort zone and show us that the line between imagination and reality isn’t always sharp. The characters are driven by an instinctive and overwhelming force and formulate some well-known feelings with unmasked sincerity. Quan’s work is unusual, special, beautiful and shocking at the same time.

Performers: Bea Egyed, Jessica Simet, Márton Csuzi, Patrik Keresztes, Andor Rusu

Music by: Jeromos Kovács


Light designer: Ferenc Payer

Costume designer: Julcsi Kiss

Choreographer assistant: Bea Csák

Production manager: Barbara Czveiber

Artistic director: Éva Duda

Choreograpeher: Quan Bui Qnoc


Supporters: Ministry of Human Resources, Independently Together (FÜGE), National

Cultural Fund, Jurányi Art Incubator House, Budapest XI District Local Government

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