Our Artistic Research program takes place mainly in Espace Catastrophe, the well renowned circus center of Brussels. The courses and seminars explore the field of composition movement and action sequences from an extended vocabulary which contains Parkour, Circus forms, Contemporary and Urban dance. These events are constituted by practical and theoretical sessions, where both technique and creativity is developed specifically.

The first  event of this kind, happens in Brussels 8-12 April, 2019, at Espace Catastrophe circus center. This session is called a Laboratoire, where we gather 8 professional circus artists, acrobats, dancers, traceurs, who will discuss and research the topic No Limits, in relation with Art Du Déplacement, Parkour. The leader of this work is Márton Csuzi, one of the founders of Flying Bodies. He is bringing ideas from a wide range of methods, to improve consciousness during moving, to break through limits, to use skills better. He also investigates the potentials in Parkour to be used as an artistic tool, to transmit deeper contents, to create paths towards an artistic experience. Our aim is to open up new dimensions of movement art, with enhancing the sensitivity towards spatial relations. 

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